{silly}: our roommate

Today I feel like blogging about our roommate.  I don't know how many of you out there have roommates as married couples, but ours is super weird:
  • She's unusually short, and hardly ever washes her hair.  
  • She continually has the munchies, which leaves us wondering...
  • She is constantly trying to climb all over my husband and kiss him ON THE MOUTH! My husband!  I have to keep an eye on her...
  • We really struggle with her nudity habits.  We've told her over and over again that she's got to start wearing clothes...at least during the day but she often refuses.
  • We're not completely sure what country she's native to but their language is so loud and doesn't seem to have a lot of a pattern to it.  Her English is ok, and I mean, she talks A LOT but wow.
  • She always wants to tag along everywhere I go
  • She still hasn't paid rent, is constantly eating our food-and will not go out and get a job no matter how many times I tell her it's time to...
  • I get that she's an artist...but the murals on the walls have got to stop.  We are never going to get our deposit back...
Generally speaking roommates are difficult, but for some reason this particular one has a soft spot in my heart.  Even with her crazy hair and lack of help with the house keeping I think we'll let her stay ;)


  1. Cute post about your darling roomate- you should hold onto her a little longer- she might pay eventually. ;)


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