{holidays}: the 4th

Our 4th of July was so fun!  We spent it with the Coopers and a bunch of their neighborhood.  We blocked off the streets so the kids could run free and it was so much fun!
Paisley had a good time with all the cute boys.

I love taking pictures of all the yummy food.

I love chocolate ice cream and ridiculous blue eyeshadow...

Paisley could not get enough lemonade.  She completely covered herself in food, sno cone, lemonade and popsicle so by the time it was getting dark we ran in and hosed her down and switched her to jammies.

She LOVED the sparklers!

Some neighbors nearby were lighting off aerial fireworks and she thought the were so awesome!  They put on quite a show.

We lit off some of our own...luckily everyone kept their eyebrows.


  1. Lovely pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderdul 4th of July. We bought Lexie those same pj's a while ago too- so dang cute!

  2. Looks like Paisley and your family is enjoying life, again. I remember all our kids loving fireworks and the best of all, was the Sparklers. .........Dad.

  3. Those pictures are awesome!! Can I have some of the copies? ;)


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