{discombobulated}: a list

Weird feelings.  Lately when I blog it's like I just need to empty out all the things rattling around in there.  I don't know.  And by rattling around in there, I do mean my brain...

Today it's relief society.  Do your visiting teaching.  And after you're done, report it.  Please.  For the sake of all of your sweet sisters that work like crazy people...  it's a good thing to do.  I promise.  It took getting this calling to realize just how awesome this system can be if it's done.

Babies.  I could talk all day about babies.  I just did that Dr. Seuss shower and it was way too much fun.  I love the idea, love the theme, love Ember.  Pictures will follow.

Health.  I need some.  If you have any immune system boosting remedies, please let me know.  Regardless of the large sums of money I paid the nice doctors-they have yet to find something wrong with me that would cause all of the sickness...and yes, I was sick once again this last week.  This time it was a weird stomach flu that left me unable to keep food inside of me.  And no, not pregnant.

Miracles exist.  If you want to hear the story, ask me.  And if you ever want miracles to occur in your life, ask for them.  You can you know.

Dreams are weird.  Alecia, I'm in the same weird funk you are over some of my dreams lately and I totally know where you're at with the haunting...

I love my husband.  I feel like marriage ebbs and flows like the tide and lately it has been flowing.  I love the happy times-the easy happy times.  Sometimes the happiness requires work and sometimes it's just there.

Someday, like Wednesday, my house will be clean.  It will.  I look forward to this day...if I can just stay healthy enough to accomplish it!!

Paisley.  Mmmmm I just love to breathe her in I love her so.  She is my love and my favorite and is still growing way WAY too fast!!  Potty training to be coming soon!!!

And zumba.  do it.  and then go do your visiting teaching. 


  1. this is what blogs are for right? i like how you are an honest blogger too. sometimes i think i go too far with my open-ness in the blogosphere. it offends some people. ok i love you. thanks for always understanding me! the dreaming is weird and i'm getting sick of it. but i'm glad to know i'm not alone. i do think its the closure thing. the relationship lasted a long time and it ended badly..ugh. anyway, i've been thinking of you lately! wondering if you're still SICK! and you are...i'm sorry. i will pray for you. i know that statement is WAAAAAY too overrated, so i only say it when i know for sure that i WILL end up praying for that person. and i wanna hear your miracle story for sure.

  2. I have recently gotten into some natural homeopathic medicine to help me with some health issues that I am dealing with. Have you ever heard of foot zoning? It has done wonders for me! Also as far as an immune booster goes, there is a type of essential oil called Spice C that I diffuse in water and spray around my house (it smells cinnamony and like Christmas!) and also my germ infested classroom. It has really made a huge difference in my sickness level and my students as well. My sister uses it with her immune challenged son and it has made a world of difference for her as well. It is kind of pricey, but goes a long way. You can buy it at butterflyexpress.net Good Luck!

  3. Lysine...Sleep....Exercise...Love...

  4. Love your blog. You are open and show your wonderful personality. Lately, with this pain medicine, I've been having nightmares. One of the worst nightmare I have is being back in college and being "way behind" on my homework. I am sure glad those school days are over. Your messages are wonderful. Love U, Dad.


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