{some fun}: dr. seuss

I just have to show these off because I just love how they turned out!!  I'm doing a baby shower for my good friend Ember and she is doing the cutest Dr. Seuss theme with their baby nursery and I love it!!


  1. Those are super cute! What a great idea for a kid's room. I loved your wedding cake...it was a bit Dr. Seussy!

  2. Freak'n adorbale!! Darling invite and nice rhyming! ;)

  3. LOVE IT...of course. Is this the Ember from your ward? That's great that she's expecting!

  4. I'm glad you got labs done. I just saw your post on facebook about losing weight, and it brought back too many memories of what I went through. I really think there must be something substantial going on with you, and it sounds auto-immune. Don't give up until you have a diagnosis and some good doctors.

    I'll pray for you. I'm glad you've felt better this week. I envy your organized closets.


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