We've decided to live in our new place for the rest of our life because there is no way we're moving again. Worst thing that has ever happened to us. Seriously. We're both dead tired, weird-sleepy, and most of the stuff is not unpacked still! We had all the help in the world, and I still don't ever want to do it again-oh and the fun begins with the utilities changing, address changing, everything changing. NIGHTMARE! Thank you so very much to everyone that helped and offered their help-I have no idea how we would have even attempted it alone...it would have been a sad sight to see. Jamie has finally come out from under our bed and is also quite happy to be in a new place-she says thanks too...pictures will soon follow...


  1. Moving = possible suicide.
    I hate it.
    Simon and I moved 3 weeks ago and did it all ourselves. Thank goodness our home teachers offered to help us move the washing machine and couch. We wouldn't have managed.

  2. Good game team. I can think of very few things that I hate more than moving. Where is your new place and when do I get to come see it?


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