{our friendship}: may be pending

Before we continue our friendship I need you to solemnly swear a couple of things:

  • that you will never put up wallpaper in your home (particularly borders)-especially with kitty cats and stars and moons.
  • that you will take the time to tape stuff off before you just start slapping paint around.
  • that you will take a moment to see if the tile really does match the other tile.
  • that you leave a note for the next owners explaining all of the super strange things that you've done to your house.
  • that salmon pink will NEVER be a color that graces your walls.
  • that you'll remember to tell the guy installing the new carpet that the floor vents are no longer necessary (rendering the holes and vents unnecessary also...)
  • and that if you're too old and senile to notice these things, that you'll hire a professional!!  Or at least get a second opinion from someone that still has their sight!!
I have sooo many questions about the craziness we're dealing with...and I would just hope that as my friend you would take care of this list-because I just feel bad for the next owner of your home if you don't!!

Befores and afters soon to come...